Monthly Archives: May 2018

Carla Bley

I had the great pleasure of hearing Carla Bley perform last year about a month before we moved to Denver. Ethan Iverson just wrote a great piece on her this week. Give it a read! Highlight: Carla on Basie, “He’s the final arbiter of how to play two notes. The distance and volume between two notes is always perfect.”

Piano Samples

Here are two live recordings of me playing the piano.


I moved!

Hi everyone. I offer my apologies for the two years of radio silence. My wife and I moved to Colorado last year, and with all the life changes happening, this blog certainly fell into disuse.

I am going to shift gears a bit and use it as more as a public journal. I accepted a full time position and my music law practice is currently on hold. Now that my wife and I feel a bit more settled in Denver, I may start playing music again or teaching lessons. I will share my thoughts here. You have been warned!