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Welcome to my site!


My name is Byron. I am a musician and an attorney. This strange hybrid calling allows for interesting perspectives. I work at a law firm as an associate. I also freelance as a musician, transcribing for musicologists and performing occasionally around my city, Knoxville. I find that after my legal training, I can listen to music in whole new way. I also find that my approach to the law benefits from the creativity I value as a musician. I hope to occasionally post thoughts here about the intersection of law and music. I will also let you good people know about what I am up to. If I am playing around town, or am up to any legal research, I will put it here. Speaking of which:

I’ll be playing the July 13th swing dance at the Laurel Theater. Come out and dance! $3 / 7-10:30pm

If you are a musician or an artist of any sort and have legal questions, I would love to help.